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Hardware Engineer

Specific Responsibilities include:
1.Responsible for product circuit schematic diagram, PCB simulation and design
2.Cooperate with optical device, structure, software and other departments to complete product design
3.Responsible for product yield improvement, testing and process optimization related to new product introduction
4.Responsible for the preparation and review of relevant design documents
5.Responsible for the analysis, solution and technical support of client related problems

Support Senior R&D engineer for design new product
1.Bachelor degree or above in electronic engineering, communication engineering, optoelectronics or related major
2.Proficient in analog and digital circuit design
3.Familiar with high speed digital / RF Design
4.Experience in optical module hardware development and familiar with MSA protocol is preferred
5.Good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing, CET-4 or above
6.Strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure and challenges, good communication and teamwork skills

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