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Crealights: Datacom focused optical communication solution provider

Date:03/31/2017 Hits:5917

Crealights: Datacom focused optical communication solution provider


"Data center architecture development applies Moore’s Law when looking at the consumption of cloud computing, processing capability, computer capacity and expansion of video support platforms. The development of VR, IoT, autonomous driving technology, and AI revolution would stimulate the expansion of data center for years as well", said Mr. Yang.

Crealights Exhibition is focusing on Datacom products featuring 100G/40G/25G/10G transceivers and AOCs at OFC 2017. Crealights entire product portfolio is compact, low power consumption, low cost and flexible for various solutions. Based on the acknowledgement of the one step installation of AOC, Crealights provides multiple solutions of QSFP28 SR4 to data centers, including QSFP28 to QSFP28, QSFP28 to 2X50G QSFP28, QSFP28 to 4X25G SFP28. "The adaption of Ethernet cards from 10G to 25G expedites the trend of using 25G AOC in data centers," says Mr. Yang, "which draws the attention to the low power consumption of Crealights 25G AOC – as low as 0.6W~0.8W per cable."

Regarding solutions requiring single mode products, Crealights also provides 100G CWDM4 and PSM4 transceivers, all vertically integrated and made in house from chips. The characteristic of designing and manufacturing both components and transceivers made Crealights eminent in short lead-time and high price-value.

Crealights: Datacom focused optical communication solution provider

Automation production for components guarantees delivery time.

Crealights owns automation based chip-on-board(CoB) platform and TO-packaging platform, promises high precision and high consistency, as well as low cost and high efficiency. "Crealights keeps investing on automation machines and ATE since years ago, when the company started,” says by Mr. Yang, “It might look like a lot input in short-time and similar output as typical hand-made product lines, however in the future automation is the trend and make our products much more competitive than traditional component manufacturer’s. "

   Regarding the crowded competition in the market, Mr. Yang admitted that there are leaders in both markets - China and Overseas, which challenges Crealights to focusing on R&D of key technology for 200G/400G and beyond products. Mr. Yang believes that automation manufacturing and low cost, high price value features make Crealights competitive not only now, but also in the future.

Crealights: Datacom focused optical communication solution provider

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