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Mechanical Engineer

Specific Responsibilities include:
1.Participate in R & D projects according to the company's product development plan, and carry out R & D work related to mechanical structure design under the guidance of R & D system process
2.Cooperate with process engineer to complete product mechanical assembly process development while completing product design
3.Manage the R & D data of product mechanical structure, output the relevant design data of mechanical structure required in each R & D stage, and file them well
4.Cooperate with engineering and quality to complete mechanical verification of products and materials
5.According to the company's production and engineering requirements, cooperate to complete the design and verification of the corresponding fixture requirements
6.Do a good job in fixture management regulations to ensure the normal operation process of the company's fixture
7.Learn product knowledge and mechanical structure knowledge, understand industry trends, contact new technology and new products, adapt to industry development, update and iterate

Support Senior R&D engineer for design new product
1.College degree or above in science and engineering, with more than 1 year working experience is preferred
2.Have a comprehensive understanding of mechanical design, processing and manufacturing, mold processing and manufacturing, materials, etc
3.Understand the basic manufacturing process of communication products
4.CET-4 and above

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