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Quality Engineer

Specific Responsibilities include:
1.Be responsible for product quality control of the whole production process, and seek to improve product quality through testing, control and improvement process
2.Be responsible for solving the quality problems in the production process, handling the quality abnormalities and quality improvement, and promoting the relevant departments to complete the improvement work
3.Be responsible for handling customer complaints, leading quality meeting review, writing improvement report and responding to customers; continuously follow up quality improvement status
4.Develop / review all kinds of quality related inspection standards and documents, and maintain mass production product control plan
5.Carry out the work according to the quality system requirements, feed back the problems inconsistent with the process in time; optimize and improve the existing quality system, assist each department to carry out production and R & D activities according to the quality requirements
6.Personnel management, including daily work supervision, training, performance scoring, etc
7.Key process quality establishment and data analysis improvement
8.Confirm and fill in the data required by the customer, or accompany the audit at the factory and reply the audit questions
9.Responsible for daily communication and coordination with customers on quality issues

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